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Republic Unveils Northeast Texas Landfill Renewable Energy Facility

September 21, 2017

Via: Waste360

Republic Services unveiled their latest landfill gas-to-energy facility at the Pinehill Landfill in Northeast Texas. The renewable energy facility is set to generate 404.7 million cubic feet of renewable natural gas per year, reducing carbon emissions equal to that of 19.8 million gallons of gasoline consumed. The Pinehill Landfill serves customers and communities across more than 40 counties and 62 cities throughout Northeast Texas.

“We believe in leading by example in everything we do,” James Murphy, general manager of Republic Services, said in a statement. “The modern landfill presents new opportunity to harness energy from yesterday’s waste and convert it to meet tomorrow’s fuel and energy needs. We are proud to generate a renewable energy source that makes a meaningful and lasting environmental difference in our communities.”

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