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New Connecticut Recycling Center Makes It Easy for Residents to Return Bottles, Cans

November 7, 2023

Via: Waste360

A new, state-of-the-art recycling facility has opened in Stratford Conn. that has the ability to handle 50 million containers a year. The new facility, which opened earlier this week, has one goal in mind: make returning recyclable bottles and cans […]

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Connecticut drafts a performance-based regulation system following utilities’ storm response

February 6, 2023

Via: Utility Dive

PBR regulates electric utilities to align profit motive with policy goals such as decarbonization and resilience. “Broadly speaking, PBR provides an alternative to the traditional ‘cost of service’ regulation by compensating utilities for how they perform rather than for selling […]

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Connecticut Gov. Lamont announces new climate law to reduce GHG emissions from transportation

July 26, 2022

Via: Transportation Today News

On Friday, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont announced the enactment of legislation that would help the state reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the transportation sector. The legislation, Public Act 22-25, contains several measures aimed at reducing emissions from the transportation […]

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Eversource Energy: A Progressive Utility With Growing Earnings

September 7, 2021

Via: Seeking Alpha

Eversource Energy (NYSE:ES) is a utility that transmits and delivers electricity, natural gas and supplies water to around 4.3 million customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. The utility sector has lately benefited from several tailwinds. Due to the need […]

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Connecticut Town Expands Recycling Program to Include Food Scraps

June 18, 2020

Via: Waste360

Residents of Greenwich, Conn., will be able to send their food scraps to be recycled as the town on June 12 launched its first food scrap recycling program. Participation is voluntary. The pilot program is open to all residents who […]

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States Standing Strong on Clean Enegy Commitments Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

April 24, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

As consumers and businesses grapple with the impacts of COVID-19, which is already shifting daily load shapes and electricity demand, regulators across the country are responding. Interestingly, in a handful of states, regulators are linking recovery efforts from the impending […]

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Connecticut governor says new bill would enable more digital services

February 25, 2020

Via: StateScoop

Many state leaders say they want to create a government that uses technology to become more efficient and convenient for its residents, but in Connecticut, there are regulations impeding such development. Legislation introduced earlier this month by Gov. Ned Lamont […]

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Connecticut Municipalities Call for New Recycling Infrastructure

March 8, 2019

Via: Waste360

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) recently released a report that calls for the development of in-state recycling facilities, new technologies and development of new markets due to the collapse of the statewide market for recyclables. CCM has called for […]

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Connecticut’s Paint Recycling Program Sees Continued Success

November 29, 2018

Via: Waste360

Since its launch in July 2013, PaintCare’s paint stewardship program in Connecticut has continued to expand and find growing success. To date, PaintCare has collected and processed more than 1,502,572 gallons of leftover architectural paint in Connecticut. The program is […]

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Court Says Connecticut’s E-waste Program Doesn’t Unlawfully Interfere with Interstate Commerce

June 11, 2018

Via: Waste360

Connecticut’s electronics recycling program does not unlawfully interfere with interstate commerce, says a federal appeals court. In 2007, the Connecticut legislature created a system where certain electronics manufacturers doing business in the state would have to register with the state’s […]