image credit: Pixabay

Dominion’s first storage projects to test increased solar integration, fewer distribution upgrades

February 26, 2020

In a Feb. 14 order, the Virginia State Corporation Commission ruled that the combined over-$33 million in expected costs for the projects are reasonable and prudent. At $26.1 million, most of those costs will go to two of the projects — a 2 MW, direct current battery system with a duration of four hours that will be coupled with a 10 MW, 40 MWh alternating current system.

The two systems will be installed at Dominion’s Scott Solar facility to “provide valuable information on the proficiency of battery technology to store energy generated from solar panels during periods of high production and release energy during periods when load is high or solar generation is low,” as well as “reveal how well a battery can optimize power production of the solar facility,” Dominion’s statement said.

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