image credit: Pixabay

Louisiana utilities to pay less for rooftop solar power under new net metering rules

September 13, 2019

Net metering continues to be a point of contention among utilities, ratepayer advocates and solar proponents. The practice is intended to incentivize solar buildouts by compensating rooftop solar owners for the excess power they supply to the grid, but opponents say the payments are often unfairly absorbed by non-solar customers.

“There are approximately 2 million ratepayers involved in this in Louisiana, and there are approximately 18,500 solar panel customers involved in this,” Louisiana Public Service Commission Chair Mike Francis, R, told Utility Dive. “And the 18,500 solar panel [customers] are actually receiving a little help from the 2 million ratepayers to get this little windfall that they’re getting when they sell back to the grid.”

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