image credit: Michel Curi / Flickr

Waste Management Suspends its Business Outlook Due to COVID-19

May 8, 2020

Via: Waste360

There’s no crystal ball for Waste Management amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Big business is coming back slowly. However, the next steps with small businesses such as boutique hotels and restaurants are still difficult to predict. Waste Management doesn’t have a feel for how quickly they will come back.

On top of that, with so many people working from home, it’s no surprise that more trash is being picked up curbside at this time. With as much as 30-50 percent of the workforce potentially continuing to work from home in the future, waste haulers will have to renegotiate contracts with municipalities. Jim Fish CEO & President, Waste Management said, “We’ve got to make sure we’re adequately compensated.”

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