Biotrend and Freepoint Eco-Systems Join Forces in Strategic Partnership to Create Value from Waste Plastics

July 9, 2024

Via: Waste360

Biotrend and Freepoint Eco-Systems International Ltd. (Freepoint Eco-Systems) announced a potential strategic partnership to expand their footprint in the circular economy for plastics. Through their shared vision, this collaboration will strengthen their presence in the advanced recycling industry.

Combining Expertise for a Sustainable Future

In connection with this venture, Biotrend and Freepoint Eco-Systems plan to develop advanced recycling projects that will divert end-of-life waste plastic from landfills and incineration. The projects will transform waste plastic through chemical recycling into pyrolysis oil, a product that is used as a feedstock in the production of petrochemical products including the resins used to make new plastic.

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