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Viewpoints: Add Scary Graphic Warnings To Cigarette Packs As Quickly As Possible; Lessons On How To Save Millions From Opioids

August 19, 2019

The Washington Post: Warnings On Tobacco Products Actually Work. Here’s Why.

When “Mad Men’s” Betty Draper puffed on a cigarette while pregnant, modern audiences cringed. Public awareness of smoking’s toll on people’s lungs and on their children has come far since the 1960s. But lung cancer and birth defects are only a couple of the severe health problems associated with tobacco use. New warning labels the Food and Drug Administration rolled out last Thursday aim to make other potential health consequences better known — with large, graphic depictions of what else long-term smokers should expect from their habit. One of the new labels shows a man with a heart surgery scar running up his chest, warning that smoking clogs arteries and causes heart disease and strokes. (8/18)

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