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A safer bet in future electrical distribution

October 5, 2021

Via: Power Engineering SmartGrid

The modern business has much to consider – the economy, mounting legislation, the green agenda, tighter deadlines and budget restraints; the list could go on. For many, another key priority will be seeking to recoup any losses incurred due to […]

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Village school in Malawi receives solar+storage micro-grid

August 13, 2021

Via: Power Engineering SmartGrid

This project has made it possible to improve not only the students’ possibilities of studying but also the quality of life and working conditions of the teaching staff, as they now have light and electricity in their homes. Until now, […]

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Togo unveils its first renewable energy project

June 24, 2021

Via: Power Engineering SmartGrid

The project was financed by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) as part of efforts to help address energy poverty in Togo. IRENA and the ADFD provided $15 million in loan funding […]

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Hydropower with floating solar holds massive potential for Africa

February 4, 2021

Via: Power Engineering SmartGrid

The installation of floating photovoltaics (FPV) in existing hydropower reservoirs however, could provide solar electricity to help compensate for hydropower production losses during dry periods. It would also reduce evaporation losses while helping to sustainably satisfy the current and future […]

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Breaking the Barriers on Battery Recycling and E-Waste in Africa

November 5, 2020

Via: Waste360

Barriers to entry exist in nearly every market, some more than others. For e-waste, these obstacles could be significant as the transportation of hazardous waste from one country to another presents a myriad of risks and hazards. Netherlands-based Closing the […]

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Global corporate funding for solar energy declines by 25%

July 13, 2020

Via: Power Engineering SmartGrid

The 1H and Q2 2020 Solar Funding and M&A Report highlights a 25% drop year-over-year from 2019’s $6 billion invested during the same period. A total of 23 venture capital investors participated in solar funding during the first six months […]

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What’s the Problem With Subsidizing Private-Sector Rural Electrification?

February 22, 2019

Via: Greentech Media

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7 calls for universal electrification by 2030. We are going to start this article by saying something controversial about it. Here we go. “Achieving universal electrification requires subsidy.” We’re not quite sure when this […]