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Public Utilities, Waste Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a “Game Changer” for Waste Contamination Detection

April 28, 2023

Via: Waste360

For as long as there has been recycling, there has been recycling contamination. The most challenging element of the problem was the inability to identify the source of the contamination. Artificial Intelligence (AI) software running on truck camera systems can […]

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What’s the state of AI accountability in government?

January 4, 2023

Via: FCW

Government agencies don’t have a “precise definition” of artificial intelligence accountability in federal guidance, according to a new report from the non-profit American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council’s group focused on emerging technology. Although non-binding risk management and […]

Waste Management

AMP Robotics and Waste Connections Reach Recycling Technology Milestone

June 28, 2022

Via: Waste360

AMP Robotics Corp. (“AMP”), a pioneer in AI, robotics, and infrastructure for the waste and recycling industry, has expanded its partnership with Waste Connections, Inc. (TSX/NYSE: WCN), its largest customer. Since late 2020, Waste Connections has booked or deployed 50 […]

Public Utilities, Waste Management

Eberhard Group Partners with ZenRobotics to Build AI-Driven Recycling Plant

October 29, 2020

Via: Waste360

Swiss-based circular economy pioneer Eberhard has made a major investment into a new recycling plant of 200 tons per hour that will convert mixed construction waste into valuable secondary raw materials as of fall 2021. Advanced AI and smart robotic […]

Public Utilities, Waste Management

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Waste Collection

August 20, 2020

Via: Waste360

The right technology could enhance efficiencies within your business and lead to a healthier bottom line. During a one-on-one conversation at the Waste360/Stifel Investors Summit, Compology CEO Jason Gates and Michael E. Hoffman, Stifel managing director, discussed how waste is […]

Public Utilities, Waste Management

AI-enabled Robotics are Helping to Strengthen Recycling Processing Capabilities

July 15, 2020

Via: Waste360

The COVID-19 crisis has “heightened the economic imperative to improve recycling,” particularly as countries seek to bring more parts of their supply chains closer to home. Yet, the sorting and disassembly required in order to recycle effectively and safely is […]

Public Utilities, Waste Management

AMP Robotics Hits Major AI-driven Recycling Milestone

April 23, 2020

Via: Waste360

The “one billion” milestone means that AMP’s technology has specifically targeted and removed one billion individual recyclable items from billions of other materials in the waste stream. This milestone also illustrates the power of the company’s AMP Neuron™ AI platform […]

Public Utilities, Waste Management

How Robotics and AI Can Make Recycling Facilities Safer

December 11, 2019

Via: Waste360

Safety is top of mind for the waste and recycling industry, which has been listed on the most dangerous jobs list for years. Those in the industry are constantly seeking new ways to boost safety, and advancements in technology have […]

Basic Services

Satisfying utility customers is getting much harder. AI is helping, despite data challenges

November 15, 2019

Via: Utility Dive

As customers become more sophisticated, and satisfying them grows increasingly important to utilities, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a way to increase engagement, though with a range of challenges, analysts told Utility Dive. For example, smart thermostats use AI […]

Public Utilities, Waste Management

Florida Unveils State’s First Recycling Robot

June 20, 2019

Via: Waste360

Sarasota, Fla.-based Single Stream Recyclers (SSR), a materials recovery facility (MRF) that serves residential and commercial recycling programs, announced the introduction of Florida’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-powered recycling robotic system. The robot is guided by AI to identify, grab and […]

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Is the missing link in utilities innovation a human one?

May 17, 2018

Via: Power Engineering SmartGrid

Until recently, ‘utilities’ and ‘innovation’ were not words that were typically synonymous with each other. But times are changing fast. The utilities sector is now characterized by radical transformation, and utilities are now on a countdown to change. But technology […]