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Public Water System

New York lawmakers propose program for crumbling water pipes

February 22, 2017

Via: American Infrastructure

Small upstate New York communities faced with dilapidated wooden pipes rumored to be more than 100 years old need state money to repair water system infrastructure on the verge of collapse, a group of lawmakers said Thursday. A bipartisan group […]

Waste Management

Cal-Recycle Criticizes Carpet Recycling Program

December 23, 2016

Via: Waste 360

Cal-Recycle says a 2010 law aimed at incentivizing carpet recycling isn’t working as intended.A state review found only about 10 percent of old carpets are actually getting recycled. That’s short of the program’s stated goal of 16 percent. The program, […]

Electric Utility

N.Y. utility proposes rooftop solar pilot for low-income customers

November 7, 2016

Via: AmericanPublicPower

New York-based Con Edison recently proposed a pilot program to build solar arrays on its company-owned building rooftops and properties and make the energy produced from those arrays available to low-income customers. There would be no cost to low-income participants, […]

Waste Management

Liberty House Group Launches Liberty Metal Recycling

November 2, 2016

Via: Waste360

The Liberty House Group has a Greensteel vision to create a competitive, sustainable steel sector in the UK. And to make that vision a reality, Liberty has launched Liberty Metal Recycling (LMR) to develop a network of advanced collection and […]

Health & Insurance

Teaching In-Home Caregivers Seems To Pay Off

August 12, 2016

Via: Kaiser Health News

Low-income Californians who are elderly and disabled were less likely to go to the emergency room or be hospitalized after their in-home caregivers participated in an intensive training program, according to a report. Under a pilot program, nearly 6,000 aides […]