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San Diego, water authority eye up to 500-megawatt pumped storage project

January 12, 2017

Via: AmericanPublicPower

The San Diego County Water Authority and the city of San Diego on Jan. 5 said they were considering a new pumped storage opportunity at an existing reservoir site. The potential project would create a new, up to 500-megawatt source […]

Public Water System

Water Emergency in Louisiana Town Follows Years of Concern Over Aging Infrastructure

December 23, 2016

Via: American Infrastructure

For more than a year, state health officials and residents of the small town of St. Joseph, Louisiana, have been worried about discolored tap water tied to aging infrastructure, waiting for an audit to free up funds to update the […]

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Equipment, chemical usage system evaluation helps improve wastewater treatment

December 12, 2016

Via: Water/Waste Processing

During a recent overall facility survey, a consulting team gave serious consideration to the “equipment-purchase question.” The initial task was to take steps that optimized the wastewater treatment to maintain discharge-permit compliance. The overriding consideration in these discussions was whether […]

Public Water System

Wastewater project flows into the future

November 22, 2016

Via: American Infrastructure

The Kent County Regional Resource Recovery Facility, or as it was know in the past, the Kent County Wastewater Treatment Facility, celebrated the completion of its 2-year, $24 million nutrient removal and capacity expansion project on Friday. The most notable […]

Public Water System

Seattle Builds First-Of-Its-Kind Stormwater System

October 20, 2016

Via: American Infrastructure

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is turning to a natural solution to manage its stormwater challenges, carving out space between sidewalks and curbs to create tiny marshlands within its urban landscaping. “This voluntary retrofit of a storm system in a dense […]

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Agency to help cities map water infrastructure digitally

October 18, 2016

Via: American Infrastructure

Bert Curtis said the city of Davis’ water infrastructure is mapped in his head, after working in the public utilities department for more than three decades. Now that map is on the web, and the division director’s employees can find […]

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US grant aims to help Flint schools deal with lead crisis

October 12, 2016

Via: American Infrastructure

U.S. education officials on Friday announced a $480,000 grant to help Flint Community Schools as the public district grapples with problems associated with the city’s lead-contaminated drinking water crisis. The money will support the hiring of attendance specialists, counselors and […]