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Innovative ideas for the waste management industry

September 26, 2023

Via: Waste Management World

By the year 2050, the world is expected to generate 3.40 billion tonnes of waste annually. This means an increase of 70 per cent from the 2016 levels. The World Bank, in their report, What a Waste 2.0: A Global […]

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New report: Can pyrolysis help fill plastic recycling gaps?

October 17, 2022

Via: Waste Management World

How to deal with all the plastic waste we are generating, that is a question the waste management industry asked themselves well before the pandemic caused even more waste than anticipated. One option might be chemical recycling. But most recyclers […]

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The Waste Management Industry Could be Worth $2,483 Billion by 2030

October 12, 2022

Via: Waste360

In 2020, the global waste management industry was valued at $1,612.0 billion. According to a report by Allied Market Research, this number is expected to grow to $2,483 Billion by 2030. Breaking this report down further, it was displayed that […]