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Netafim Targets Plastic Farm Waste

December 11, 2023

Via: Waste360

Land and water resources are shrinking across the globe while the population is growing, leaving farmers who feed the world with a formidable task: figuring out how to produce more food with less, and to do it sustainably as the […]

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NRWA praises new EPA approach to improve drinking water safety, compliance

August 14, 2017


The National Rural Water Association, the largest community-based drinking water utility organization in the country, praises a July 24, 2017, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency policy to reestablish on-site assistance to the country’s over 46,000 small community drinking water utilities to help them comply […]

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Building a resilient water future in San Francisco

July 28, 2017

Via: WaterWorld Wastewater

The need for collaboration to combat climate change is more crucial than ever before, and the water industry is grouping together to build a resilient response. Delivering water 24 hours a day, seven days a week without interruption is a […]

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Nokia to supply critical communications network to northern California water and power utility

July 13, 2017


Nokia is to provide an advanced communications network to the Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) in Northern California to support its hydro-electric power generation and water distribution services in the area. PCWA is the primary water resource agency for Placer County, California, a 1500-square mile area […]

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Why city planners should make water a top priority

May 26, 2017

Via: American Infrastructure

Many cities are now pushing reinvestments in the urban core, prompting people to live, eat, and play in walkable city centers. Unlike in the past, cities today have challenges associated with adequately housing greater numbers of people while balancing scarce […]