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Recycled pipeline project provides a local, reliable water source for CA utility

March 28, 2018


RIVERSIDE-CA, MARCH 28, 2018 — Western Municipal Water District (Western) Board of Directors, staff and regional partners recently celebrated the Meridian Recycled Water Pipeline project, honoring the District’s commitment to regional water supply reliability. The new recycled waterline saves approximately […]

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Public-private partnerships for wastewater treatment solutions

February 2, 2018

Via: Water/Waste Processing

After the Clean Water Act (CWA) passed the U.S. Congress in 1972, a flurry of federal funding supported the construction of modern municipal wastewater treatment plants equipped to meet new discharge standards across the U.S. Now, more than 40 years […]

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Digital Water: How one community saved more than $20M by finding leaks with data

December 19, 2017


SAN LEANDRO, CA, DEC 19, 2017 — White House Utility District (WHUD), Tennessee’s largest geographic water utility serving approximately 90,000 consumers and businesses, is using data to stem water loss and create savings for its customers. Detailed in a newly […]

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AWWA calls for Farm Bill measures that protect drinking water sources, encourage partnerships

October 11, 2017


WASHINGTON, DC, OCT 11, 2017 — With excess nutrients impacting water quality nationwide, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) today urged U.S. Congress to use the upcoming Farm Bill reauthorization to help farmers and water utilities work together to protect […]

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FERC says N.Y. agency relinquished right to act on certification tied to pipeline

September 20, 2017

Via: AmericanPublicPower

By failing to act within a one-year timeframe required by the Clean Water Act, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation waived its authority to issue or reject a water quality certification for a pipeline project that will feed natural […]

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Suffolk County Water Authority automates workforce for water main breaks

August 29, 2017


COLUMBUS, OH, AUG 28, 2017 — SCWA, which supplies safe, potable drinking water to 1.2 million residents on Long Island, has implemented an automated callout system for its Customer Service personnel as well as Construction Maintenance and Production Control departments […]

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NRWA praises new EPA approach to improve drinking water safety, compliance

August 14, 2017


The National Rural Water Association, the largest community-based drinking water utility organization in the country, praises a July 24, 2017, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency policy to reestablish on-site assistance to the country’s over 46,000 small community drinking water utilities to help them comply […]

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Reducing Costs for Stormwater Management

August 4, 2017

Via: American Infrastructure

The principles of low-impact design, distributed, small-scale stormwater infrastructure, and natural stormwater management to absorb rainwater where it falls are beginning to spread throughout the country. These strategies, collectively known as green infrastructure, are slowly replacing gray infrastructure in which […]

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Building a resilient water future in San Francisco

July 28, 2017

Via: WaterWorld Wastewater

The need for collaboration to combat climate change is more crucial than ever before, and the water industry is grouping together to build a resilient response. Delivering water 24 hours a day, seven days a week without interruption is a […]

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Water Research Foundation launches project on resilient water infrastructure

July 14, 2017

Via: WaterWorld

The Water Research Foundation has launched a new project to improve the resiliency of water utilities, specifically around infrastructure needs. The project, Resilient Water Infrastructure: Improving Understanding and Assessing Needs(#4707), will gather information from regions and municipalities (both small and large) with various risk […]