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SWANA Publishes Tips for Safety at Waste-To-Energy Facilities

November 28, 2017

Via: Waste360

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) released the latest installment in its “Five to Stay Alive” series, featuring safety tips for waste-to-energy (WTE) employees. Although SWANA pointed out that WTE employers have low injury rates, there are safety […]

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Insurance firms need to worry about social media

November 17, 2017

Via: TNW

While it is fairly clear why many retail and consumer-oriented companies need to worry about utilizing social media, even atypical consumer-oriented companies, such as insurance firms, need to maintain a social media presence. Recently, a wave of “insurtech,” or insurance […]

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Some States Roll Back ‘Retroactive Medicaid,’ A Buffer For The Poor — And For Hospitals

November 16, 2017

Via: The Caregiver Space

If you’re poor, uninsured and fall seriously ill, in most states if you qualify for Medicaid — but weren’t enrolled at the time — the program will pay your medical bills going back three months. It protects hospitals, too, from […]

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Podcast: ‘What The Health?’ How Confused Are We?

November 2, 2017

Via: Kaiser Health News

Open enrollment started with more of a whimper than a bang Nov. 1, as the Trump administration continued to talk down the health law it is required to operate. Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, lawmakers continue to struggle to reach agreement […]

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Money For Health Law Navigators Slashed — Except Where It’s Not

October 30, 2017

Via: Kaiser Health News

Despite all the efforts in Congress to repeal the health law this summer and fall, the Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land. People can start signing up for health insurance for 2018 starting Nov. 1. But […]

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Enrollment News To Bank On: Obamacare Is Still Here So It’s Time For Coverage Checkup

October 24, 2017

Via: Kaiser Health News

The open enrollment period begins in one week for 2018 marketplace coverage, but many consumers are confused about what to expect. No wonder! The Trump administration has slashed advertising and outreach about open enrollment, so concrete consumer information is sparse. […]

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Social Security Giveth, Medical Costs Taketh Away

October 13, 2017

Via: Kaiser Health News

Retirees spent on average more than a third of their Social Security benefits on out-of-pocket medical costs in 2014, according to a recent study. Even after factoring in other sources of income, medical spending still took a substantial 18 percent […]

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Policy Points: Three GOP Senators ‘Bedside Miracle;’ Immigration As A Public Health Issue

September 14, 2017

Via: Kaiser Health News

Columnists offer their opinions on a range of health policy topics, including the Obamacare alternative being advanced by Sens. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.), the impact of immigration policy and how to make sense of […]

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Medicare Unveils ‘Skeletal’ Site For Hospice Comparison Shopping

August 28, 2017

Via: The Caregiver Space

Medicare launched a website aimed at helping families choose a hospice — but experts say it doesn’t help very much. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services this week released Hospice Compare, a consumer-focused website that lets families compare up […]

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Why people don’t like the Affordable Care Act?

August 2, 2017

Via: Healthcare Economist

The reason may be the exact problem that the ACA was trying to solve.  The ACA was trying to increase the affordability of health care.  They did this in part through the creation of the exchanges and patient subsidies. However, […]