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Colleges Mobilizing Food Rescue Have Ripple Effect

March 2, 2021

Via: Waste360

Ten years ago, a few college students at the University of Maryland became keenly aware that huge volumes of untouched, perfectly good dining hall food was getting tossed in the trash, and they teamed up to do something about it. […]

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Colleges’ Opening Fueled 3,000 COVID Cases a Day, Researchers Say

September 23, 2020

Via: Kaiser Health News

Reopening colleges drove a coronavirus surge of about 3,000 new cases a day in the United States, according to a draft study released Tuesday. The study, done jointly by researchers at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Indiana University, the University […]

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Students’ Mass Migration Back to College Gets a Failing Grade

September 17, 2020

Via: Kaiser Health News

Who thought it would be a good idea to move thousands of teenagers and young adults across the country to college campuses, where, unencumbered by parental supervision, many college kids did what college kids do? Actually, Nigel Goldenfeld and Sergei […]

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College Football Stadiums Tackle Waste

October 29, 2018

Via: Waste360

Fall brings people together. Every Saturday across the nation, millions of people participate in a time-honored American tradition: college football gameday. To reduce waste generated during football games, colleges and universities have started to tackle better waste management practices in […]