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Study: Transportation Victimized the Most by IoT Attacks

September 12, 2017

Via: Waste360

A new study compiled by internet security firm Arctic Wolf Networks determined that the industry suffering from the most frequent Internet of Things (IoT) attacks right now is transportation, with 29% companies polled in that sector indicating they have already […]

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Improving Safety With New Approach to Identifying Dangerous Intersections

June 15, 2017

Via: NYC Streets Blog

When Rice University Professor Marjorie Corcoran was fatally struck by a light-rail train earlier this year, those who care about the city’s transportation networks turned their collective attention toward increasing safety at the intersection where the crash occurred. Corcoran was […]

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To Meet On-Time Bus Service Goals, Denver RTD Will Aim Lower

April 19, 2017

Via: NYC Streets Blog

Don’t expect more reliable bus service any time soon. RTD has been falling short of its goals for on-time bus performance for years, according to agency staffers. But rather than try to hit those targets, RTD is poised to move the goalposts. What’s more […]

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Was the West Contra Costa Transportation Study Too Quick to Dismiss Mainline Rail?

April 6, 2017

Via: NYC Streets Blog

The West Contra Costa Transportation Committee (WCCTC), a body comprised of consultants and government officials, is finishing up presentations on its West County High-Capacity Transit Study. From WCCTC’s web page: The Study is focused on rapid and direct services that […]

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Highway Projects Won’t Save the Rust Belt

March 29, 2017

Via: NYC Streets Blog

The problems facing Rust Belt cities sure are a magnet for easy answers. We saw it during the presidential campaign, with Donald Trump’s empty promises to revive the coal and steel industries. Whether it’s convention centers, tourist attractions, or big factory relocations, […]

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FTA Program Targets Needs of U.S. Tribes

February 20, 2017


The Federal Transit Administration last month issued a Tribal Transit Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), offering $5 million in fiscal year 2017 for transit projects initiated by American Indian and Alaska Native tribes that will compete for funding. The […]

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The Road to Better Transportation

December 29, 2016

Via: American Infrastructure

The importance of transportation infrastructure for American society cannot be overstated. Our highway system, ports, airports and railroads are the arteries of the economy, moving goods, services and workers inside cities and between states. In urban areas, public transit plays […]

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Beyond Bike to Work Day: How to Encourage the Car-Free Commuting Habit

December 7, 2016

Via: NYC Streets Blog

Annual events like Bike to Work Day are great for drawing attention to sustainable transportation options. But what can cities do to get people to consider car-free commuting the rest of the year? Maggie Awad is with Arlington Transportation Partners, a “business-to-business […]

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4 Ways Trump’s Transportation Plan Is Ripe for Corruption

November 29, 2016

Via: NYC Streets Blog

Donald Trump’s opaque personal finances and business entanglements around the globe raise the possibility of unprecedented corruption for a United States president. And transportation is one area where the risk of Trump using the powers of the presidency to enrich […]

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SF conference explores how tech will transform transportation

October 25, 2016

Via: American Infrastructure

Cars are getting smarter, more connected and closer to a future where they can drive themselves. Against that backdrop, an array of technologists, investors, car executives, transit experts and others convened at San Francisco’s Dogpatch Studios on Thursday for a […]