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Public Utilities, Waste Management

Florida Residents Claim Buried Military Waste the Cause of Illnesses, Military Investigating

March 14, 2023

Via: Waste360

Residents of the Patrick Space Force Base have been reporting concerns for years as the locals have seen a strange number of rare illnesses amongst them. They believe that old military waste is to blame, and worry that the hazardous […]

Health & Insurance, Social Services

The Flu Season That Just Won’t End: Second Viral Wave Is Pushing Otherwise Mild Year Into The Record Books

April 22, 2019

Via: Kaiser Health News

The current season began the week of Thanksgiving, a typical start time, but in mid-February, a nastier strain started causing more illnesses and driving up hospitalizations. In other public health news: over-treatment, suicide, exercise, depression, cholesterol, autism, abuse, and more. […]