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Veteran Health Care ‘Whenever, Wherever They Need It’: Use Of Telemedicine Spikes 17%

November 27, 2019

Veterans Affairs has rolled out a telemedicine app, offers services online and in rural areas is opening telehealth clinics at VFWs. State restrictions were dropped for the VA, allowing VA physicians and nurses to administer care to veterans via telemedicine across state borders, regardless of state licensing. Other news on veterans is on treatment for toxic exposures and a tragic discovery.

Modern Healthcare: Telemedicine Sees 17% Growth In Veteran Population

More than 900,000 veterans used telemedicine services from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in fiscal 2019, up 17% from the previous year, the agency announced Friday. The VA has been bolstering its telemedicine services in recent years, introducing new avenues for virtual care and proposing a federal rule to ease licensing restrictions for providers. (Cohen, 11/25)

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