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Nevada launches website for infrastructure projects

September 7, 2022

Via: Transportation Today News

Nevada recently launched, a website dedicated to state infrastructure projects. The website illustrates infrastructure investments coming to Nevada through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and available grants for which the state can apply for future projects. It lists […]

Infrastructure, Public Works

House Expected to Pass $1.5T Infrastructure Bill

June 29, 2020

Via: American Infrastructure

The House is expected to pass a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill this week that focuses on infrastructure. However, it seems as if the bill has a tough road ahead of it due to Republican opposition, as well as no clear […]

Infrastructure, Public Works

Get cracking on infrastructure, or continue to pay the price

August 29, 2017

Via: American Infrastructure

Our politics may be fractured, but there is one issue nearly all of us agree on: We need better roads, bridges, dams, seaports and airports, water systems, electric grids, and internet connectivity. That is, we need better public infrastructure. In […]