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Tesla to make some of its EV chargers public as White House announces rules for national charging network

February 15, 2023

Via: Utility Dive

The Biden administration on Wednesday finalized standards for a $7.5 billion national electric vehicle charging network and highlighted other progress in the bid to transition the country away from internal combustion vehicles. “The new standards will ensure everyone can use […]

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California’s Interconnection Rules Open Doors to Flexible Solar-Storage, Vehicle-to-Grid Charging

September 30, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

California has more distributed energy resources (DERs) than any other state, pressuring it to find ways to integrate them into the grid. The interconnection rules that tell developers of rooftop solar, behind-the-meter batteries and electric vehicle chargers how much time […]

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City grids risk being overwhelmed by EV growth: Report

September 10, 2019

Via: Utility Dive

The report notes that Seattle has taken major steps toward electrification and has big goals it wants to achieve in the coming decades. The city is aiming for 30% EV adoption and a fossil fuel-free municipal fleet by 2030, while […]

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New York agencies propose shifting EV fast chargers to non-demand charges

April 17, 2018

Via: Utility Dive

New York is aiming to have 800,000 electric vehicles on its roads by 2025. But with seven years left, the state has a ways to go with this year a “crucial inflection point,” NYPA told the Public Service Commission. At […]

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Mid-Atlantic, Northeast utilities offer new EV rates and rewards

April 28, 2017

Via: AmericanPublicPower

Two Northeast and Mid-Atlantic utilities are offering special rates and rewards for customers who drive electric vehicles. Pepco is asking the District of Columbia Public Service Commission to approve an EV pilot program that is based on a program the […]