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Infrastructure, Public Works

Biden Signs Historic Infrastructure Package

November 15, 2021

Via: American Infrastructure

On Monday, Biden signed the highly anticipated $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. The package hits almost every part of American Infrastructure; roads, bridges, water and sewage, broadband, public transit, ports railways and power grids. According to USA Today, the package, which […]

Public Utilities, Waste Management

California invests 25 million dollar in recycling

April 28, 2021

Via: Waste Management World

As the world’s fifth-largest economy, California can show the world how to rebuild into a self-sustaining, circular manufacturing system that reduces trash pollution and ensures products get recycled and remanufactured within our state,” California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery […]

Health & Insurance

Health care to comprise 20% of the US economy by 2025

February 27, 2017

Via: Healthcare Economist

That is the conclusion reacted by CMS’ Office of the Actuary.  As published in a recent Health Affairs article: Under current law, national health expenditures are projected to grow at an average annual rate of 5.6 percent for 2016–25 and represent 19.9 percent […]

Electric Utility

Fitch: Declining consumption is manageable for US public power

January 5, 2017

Via: AmericanPublicPower

Public power issuers “will likely manage the projected long-term decline in residential electricity consumption by using their inherent rate flexibility and lowering capex,” said Fitch Ratings in a Dec. 27 news release. The rating agency noted that although electricity sales […]

Electric Utility

Interactive Maps From SolarCity Illustrate Residential Solar’s Huge Growth Prospects in America

December 13, 2016

Via: Greentech Media

Solar power in America is on a roll. Over the last decade, the cost of solar installations in the U.S. has fallen by more than 70 percent, and every year has had more solar installed than the last. Since 2010, […]

Electric Utility, Public Water System

DOE sees hydro growth potential, announces $9.8M in funding for new projects

August 2, 2016

Via: AmericanPublicPower

U.S. hydropower capacity could grow from 101 gigawatts to nearly 150 GW of combined electricity generation and storage capacity by 2050, according to a report released July 26 by the Department of Energy. Half of that growth could occur by […]

Emergency Services, Health & Insurance

Will value-based pricing be coming to the U.S.?

July 19, 2016

Via: Healthcare Economist

The answer may be yes.  One of the big inpediments to value-based pricing of pharmaceuticals was that any discount given to any single organization based on outcomes needed to be reflected in the Medicaid price.  Since outcomes are subject to random noise, there will inevitably […]

Emergency Services

The Face of American Caregiving

July 13, 2016

Via: Aplusseniors

13% of our population is at least 65 years old. That is approximately 53 million Americans who would potentially be receiving some form of senior care services this decade. This rapid graying of America is only rivaled by the rapid […]